My Favorite Albums of 2018

Everyone’s taste in music is different. That’s why we created Upbeat, a fun new web app that learns your unique taste in music and matches you with fans who love the music you love so you can (1) discover new music from fans whose taste is actually relevant to you and (2) meaningfully share the music you love with people who will care.

I thought it’d be interesting to start the new year by sharing my favorite albums of 2018.

Methodology: I created a list of albums (10+ songs) released in 2018 that included at least one song I already loved, and I rated each song on each album on Upbeat’s 5-point scale (5 = love, 4 = like; 3 = neutral; 2 = dislike; and 1 = hate).

Upbeat’s Rating Scale

I then took the average rating of all songs on each album to calculate my rating for that album overall.

Here are my 10 favorite albums released in 2018. My genre preferences are indie pop / electronic / rock. If you love this music, join Upbeat, and add the music you love–I’ll probably love it too!

#10: Liquor by Lydia

Rating: 3.80

Favorite song: Friends

#9: Given by Nature by Uppermost

Rating: 3.91

Favorite song: Love Runway

#8: Love is Dead by CHVRCHES

Rating: 3.92

Favorite song: Forever

#7: Echo by Dave Thomas Junior

Rating: 4.00

Favorite song: Talk to Me

#6: Places We Don’t Know by Kasbo

Rating: 4.08

Favorite song: Stay With Me

#5: I’m Not Worried Anymore by THE WLDLFE

Rating: 4.09

Favorite song: I Don’t Mind

#4: My Mind Makes Noises by Pale Waves

Rating: 4.14

Favorite song: There’s A Honey

#3: When My Heart Felt Volcanic by The Aces

Rating: 4.15

Favorite song: Stuck

#2: New Levels New Devils by Polyphia

Rating: 4.50

Favorite song: Yas

#1: Welcome Back by Handsome Ghost

Rating: 4.91

Favorite song: Shallow City

Thanks for reading! If there’s an album you think I’d like, add the songs to Upbeat and I’ll rate them!

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