My Favorite EPs of 2018

When compiling my list of favorite albums of 2018, I had to ignore a lot of great music (because I defined “album” as a musical release with 10+ songs).

To include some of that music in an end-of-year list, I’ve put together this list of my top 10 EPs from 2018 (with EP defined as a musical release with 4-9 songs). Note: due to ties, this list includes 11 EPs.

Methodology: I reviewed all the songs I loved that were released in 2018. If they were released on an EP, I rated each song on that EP on Upbeat’s 5-point scale (5 = love, 4 = like; 3 = neutral; 2 = dislike; and 1 = hate).

Upbeat’s Rating Scale

I then took the average of all songs on each EP to calculate my rating for that EP overall.

Here are my 10 favorite EPs of 2018.

My genre preferences are indie pop / electronic / rock. If you love this music, join Upbeat, and add the music you love–I’ll probably love it too!

T10: 2 of 2 by Taylor Phelan

Rating: 4.17

Favorite song: Harvest the Moon

T10: Nice To Meet You by Seeb

Rating: 4.17

Favorite song: Drink About

T8: So Social by Smallpools

Rating: 4.20

Favorite song: Stumblin’ Home

T8: YOUTH//2 by Saint Slumber

Rating: 4.20

Favorite song: INFINITE

7: Sea Said by [.que]

Rating: 4.25

Favorite song: said

T5: 001_love by Before You Exit

Rating: 4.50

Favorite song: Silence

T5: Gravity Pt. 1 by Gryffin

Rating: 4.50

Favorite song: Remember (with ZOHARA)

4: Breach by Lewis Capaldi

Rating: 4.75

Favorite song: Grace

3: Earthship by Grayson Erhard

Rating: 4.80

Favorite song: I Will

T1: Welcome Back: The Acoustic Recordings by Handsome Ghost

Rating: 5.00

Favorite song: Better Off – Acoustic

T1: The Sound Of Your Voice by Nightly

Rating: 5.00

Favorite song: Younger

Thanks for reading! If there’s an EP you think I’d like, add the songs to Upbeat and I’ll rate them!

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